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Find The Essentials

Shitsurei shimasu,

First of all, I need to thank Sensei for the immense change that Niten has caused in my life.

When I was younger, I was a determined boy, with a "sparkle in my eyes", running after my dreams with claws, always a student and a warrior.
I participated in the Scout movement, was involved in community activities, organized projects at the university, played sports, practiced music, learned foreign languages ​​... I was never stopped!

But at some point, I got lost. Without having a north, the brightness of the eyes disappeared and I was getting more and more comfortable.
I lived some years in this state, which I consider to be lost.

Then I found Niten! That`s when I realized something was wrong. And it was through the training and teachings of the Sensei that I was letting go of the vices that had accumulated in me.

My last victory, I owe to this transformation. At the beginning of the month, I was employed as a Product Engineer in a multinational company, even in the midst of the cost reduction and team reduction policies.
In Niten I learned that NOT: measuring efforts, staying still, staying in the same room, being lazy and many other addictions that easily attack us if we let the spirit relax. So we must train, train and TRAIN!

Doumo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for having "straightened" me and shown the north again! "

Dojo Curitiba - Sionek



This student`s report shows us many points in common with our lives. As children, we have many dreams, desires to conquer the world, to do a thousand things. But as time goes by, we change. Many things happen half-way through: fatalities, problems, all we have to overcome, it`s war. Life is war.
You have a thousand choices to make in the world: fun, work, sports, relationships, but you have to find something that is going to change your life, this is the most important. You waste time and money doing other things. And if you do not find the essence, the purpose, or rather the tool that will change you, that will get you out of the hole, you will be lost. It`s useless running after everything in this world, you have to find the essential. And Sionek found it, I wish the same for you.


Teaching to be Samurai

I wrote in ShinHagakure vol.1, that does not matter if you are the youngest, least experienced, and even if you do not have a degree.
The diploma is not the most important. The diploma everybody has.
You`ve got to have something different, and this you will only get if you stoned this something different. It is a little diamond that will make the difference between you and all your opponents.

For this, you will have to go through a process, an authentic and powerful process.
A process will change your life.
For this we are here, waiting for you.

Yesterday I started my new job! In my area, in a good American company, here in São Paulo.
I wanted to thank Sensei, Senpai Wenzel, and Niten, because I am sure they were, together with my parents, those who provided most to this achievement.
I wanted to share a conversation I had with my new manager:
My new boss called me into his office yesterday, on my first day, to talk. He said:
- You are less experienced, have less technical knowledge than the two other candidates that we evaluated for your position, but in the behavioral part, in your attitude, you won.
And he added: it is easier to enable/train the technical part of someone, but it is tough to teach the professional attitude, the respect, the balanced way of being, the character.
What I understood was: we were able to teach the work, the tasks, but we could not prepare to be Samurai.
Kokokara, arigatou gozaimashitá!" 


Confidence to overcome challenges

Lately, I talked in the Golden Moments* that it is not enough just to have a diploma, 
you have to be different, and Niten builds that difference.

At Niten, we have created modern samurai,
those who will realize what the entrepreneur needs, to have confidence, bright eyes, agility, honesty, loyalty, courage.

Here is proof that it is worth going through the path of the sword.

With Niten, she will succeed in Europe!
"Shitsureishimasu Sensei, I`m going to Portugal to work on a summer project in Cascais, near Lisbon. I`m thrilled with the opportunity, and it`s a new challenge for me.
And I want to tell Sensei that the job opportunity came from talking about Niten with a known promoter from here, in Belo Horizonte, who does some events where I was working.
He asked me what I did besides work, and I began to explain that I am part of the coordinating team here at BH of the Niten Institute. I told him about the samurai arts, the Institute guidelines, and how the teachings of Sensei always permeate improvements in my day-to-day. And during this conversation, he offered me a job in Portugal saying that he needed someone to work with him, someone he could trust and could count on someone no matter the challenge was.
So once again, I had proofs that Niten creates opportunities and brings excellent results!
Arigato gozaimashita Sensei!
I`m going to Portugal with the spirit on fire.
Whenever I have the opportunity, I will train with Senpai Gorgulho in Lisbon.
Arigato gozaimashita. Sayonara. "

*Golden Moments: At the end of the training, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa teaches about samurai culture, philosophy and experiences to bring the best of the dojo to our day-to-day.


17th TBIK - Arigatou

Words from our student Kinugawa about our Tournament:

"Arigatou Gozaimassu Sensei, Sempais and all team of Niten, Arigatou Gozaimassu that Niten exists!!!!!!
Thank you very much for letting me participate, cooperate, and learn, this past Saturday of the Tournament was one of the happiest days of my life!!!!
I waited 8 years for this possibility to live again by this Way.
Arigatou Gozaimassu !!!!!! 
Banzai Niten !!!!!!" 

Kinugawa - RIbeirão Preto Dojo

Kinugawa between the Coordinators of his Dojo in Ribeirão Preto.


Samurai Day

Audio transcript sent by Sensei:
"I received these two cards on the occasion of my birthday, April 24th - Samurai Day, when I turned 26 years old, it is good to be loved by the young, these two students are descendants of Japanese, young and with a lot of potentials.
I want to be a companion to all these young people until I am 108 years old and live this life intensely.
Life is definitely fun.


"Sensei, thank you for always sharing your experience and wisdom with us, whether if it´s from Kenjutsu or life. I wish you all the best in your life and lots of success, always"

Masako, 17 y/o


"Shitsurei Shimasu Sensei,

I remember once that I was getting a ride with Sensei and talking to Yoshi Senpai on the return of a Gashuku in Pinhal, going to lunch on that Sunday. Senpai was telling me something about Sensei`s behavior was similar to water, which is able to fill every space it covers, occupying the most diverse forms but maintaining its volume. At the time, I found this a funny comparison, but only later I realized how much sense it makes. As Sensei says, life is war, and it presents problems that come in many different forms, which force us to find a way, like water, or find the best solutions and use the best postures.

On this April 24th, I would like to congratulate Sensei for your birthday and for achieving this victory, in face of all difficulties and with honor to be a Samurai of 1000 faces; for being at the same time consistency and fluidity.

Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu, Sensei, for another year living intensely, for another year being a Master and a golden person. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimashita for the teachings that transform; for showing us that happiness is not given but found and conquered; by the struggle of the Sensei to perpetuate the Samurai culture; for making us better people, for pulling our ears and showing us the path of honor and courage.

Omedetou Sensei! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Paraiso Dojo,

Cyndy, 17 y/o


Golden Moments



Records of the Path

Shitsurei Shimasu,

Konnichiwa Sensei,

Such wonderful days!
Today it seems that the sun was brighter, that people were more beautiful, that life is much better! My sense of time has changed, it was so intense, I have the feeling that the party lasted almost a month. The screams of the crowd still echo in my head, the image of the little table was branded in my heart.
The environment created by Senpai Wenzel was perfect to give the atmosphere of celebration, this congregation was formed from the colors of the flag, I saw Brazilians, Argentines, Mexicans, Portuguese, Chileans, and Americans talking as if they were old friends, true brothers of the Sword!

Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for opening the path where many passes and many will pass! I had the opportunity to talk to Mika Sensei and how she thrilled and inspired me!
Having the opportunity to assist in assembling and documenting gave me another perspective of the party, I had contact with different people and reconnect the links. I learned a little of the history of each one of them, and I saw the impact of Sensei and Niten on their lives, they are all very grateful for the existence of Sensei and your work. Sensei has the strength to change destinies!

The victory of Senpai Gilberto gave me the joy of knowing that we trained with the best senpais in the whole world! The girls from Argentina motivated me to train more too! And they were the more excited crowd ever!

Domo Arigatou gozaimashita for allowing me to help and participate a little in this unforgettable party.

Long live Niten!

Arigatou Gozaimashita,

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Toshi - Sumaré-SP

The historical table- Where it all began

Samurai women in combat