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17th TBIK - Arigatou

Words from our student Kinugawa about our Tournament:

"Arigatou Gozaimassu Sensei, Sempais and all team of Niten, Arigatou Gozaimassu that Niten exists!!!!!!
Thank you very much for letting me participate, cooperate, and learn, this past Saturday of the Tournament was one of the happiest days of my life!!!!
I waited 8 years for this possibility to live again by this Way.
Arigatou Gozaimassu !!!!!! 
Banzai Niten !!!!!!" 

Kinugawa - RIbeirão Preto Dojo

Kinugawa between the Coordinators of his Dojo in Ribeirão Preto.


Samurai Day

Audio transcript sent by Sensei:
"I received these two cards on the occasion of my birthday, April 24th - Samurai Day, when I turned 26 years old, it is good to be loved by the young, these two students are descendants of Japanese, young and with a lot of potentials.
I want to be a companion to all these young people until I am 108 years old and live this life intensely.
Life is definitely fun.


"Sensei, thank you for always sharing your experience and wisdom with us, whether if it´s from Kenjutsu or life. I wish you all the best in your life and lots of success, always"

Masako, 17 y/o


"Shitsurei Shimasu Sensei,

I remember once that I was getting a ride with Sensei and talking to Yoshi Senpai on the return of a Gashuku in Pinhal, going to lunch on that Sunday. Senpai was telling me something about Sensei`s behavior was similar to water, which is able to fill every space it covers, occupying the most diverse forms but maintaining its volume. At the time, I found this a funny comparison, but only later I realized how much sense it makes. As Sensei says, life is war, and it presents problems that come in many different forms, which force us to find a way, like water, or find the best solutions and use the best postures.

On this April 24th, I would like to congratulate Sensei for your birthday and for achieving this victory, in face of all difficulties and with honor to be a Samurai of 1000 faces; for being at the same time consistency and fluidity.

Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu, Sensei, for another year living intensely, for another year being a Master and a golden person. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimashita for the teachings that transform; for showing us that happiness is not given but found and conquered; by the struggle of the Sensei to perpetuate the Samurai culture; for making us better people, for pulling our ears and showing us the path of honor and courage.

Omedetou Sensei! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Paraiso Dojo,

Cyndy, 17 y/o


Golden Moments



Records of the Path

Shitsurei Shimasu,

Konnichiwa Sensei,

Such wonderful days!
Today it seems that the sun was brighter, that people were more beautiful, that life is much better! My sense of time has changed, it was so intense, I have the feeling that the party lasted almost a month. The screams of the crowd still echo in my head, the image of the little table was branded in my heart.
The environment created by Senpai Wenzel was perfect to give the atmosphere of celebration, this congregation was formed from the colors of the flag, I saw Brazilians, Argentines, Mexicans, Portuguese, Chileans, and Americans talking as if they were old friends, true brothers of the Sword!

Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for opening the path where many passes and many will pass! I had the opportunity to talk to Mika Sensei and how she thrilled and inspired me!
Having the opportunity to assist in assembling and documenting gave me another perspective of the party, I had contact with different people and reconnect the links. I learned a little of the history of each one of them, and I saw the impact of Sensei and Niten on their lives, they are all very grateful for the existence of Sensei and your work. Sensei has the strength to change destinies!

The victory of Senpai Gilberto gave me the joy of knowing that we trained with the best senpais in the whole world! The girls from Argentina motivated me to train more too! And they were the more excited crowd ever!

Domo Arigatou gozaimashita for allowing me to help and participate a little in this unforgettable party.

Long live Niten!

Arigatou Gozaimashita,

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Toshi - Sumaré-SP

The historical table- Where it all began

Samurai women in combat


Memories of the Vitoretti Family

Happy is the child who knows what he wants.
Unfortunately, this situation does not always happen for some reasons:
- Because he does not know what he wants
- because there is no one who can offer what he wants
- because parents do not agree (or do not understand) what he wants
Here we have a situation where we can overcome all situations and it is worth not only to share, but to take it as an example, if we aspire, of course, happiness and the healthy growth of our children:

"Once Upon a time...

A 5-year-old boy, who discovered a trail that led to a path, and even knowing that this path would be difficult, hard and long, decided, with the help and support of his family, to travel through it.

It was October of 2015, and thanks to a promotional banner announcing NITEN, we discovered the "Bushido".
As the boy always was delighted with the sword, his fascination with samurai art was immediate, and even knowing that a warrior only receives combat training from the age of 12 (at that dojo, at that time), he decided to sit and wait, observing all his "senpais" that developed their techniques there and for a few weeks, in fact, almost two months, he simply contemplated.

However, his persistence in attending the training was observed by the coordinators, and a first chance was given.
And everything began to change and to happen because he already knew that determination would lead him to achieve his goals despite his young age. And so, it was like this, that our family lives today in this way, in Bushido, in the way of the warrior. Following the teachings of Kishikawa Sensei.

"Life does not begin when we reach the top, it´s the path we choose to live that leads us there."

I had to write this tale in the third person so as not to get too emotional, even though it was almost impossible!
I am Barbosa - Cristiane, mother of Arthur, the boy of the story, and although only three years separate us from the beginning of all this, I can say that the first steps along the way were wide and that every moment we see how intense it is to live in it, through him.

Arthur today is 8 years old, was the first student of Niten in KIR JOVEM, that today already works at full steam in our unit. Serving children from 6 to 12 years.
Twice a week, he feels motivated, being useful to the dojo, to the Senpai and to Sensei. Applying his loyalty, honor, and compassion, he is an example and "monitor" of all the children who come to us, and this fills us with admiration and happiness. Our lives are impacted constantly and every day, with each training, we are sure that having given our little "bushi" the opportunity to show us the way was the best choice.
Nothing I write or say will describe how happy and grateful we are to have such incredible support in the education and upbringing of our children (yes, children, we also have Gomes - Maria Fernanda, age 11. But I will tell you soon in another story), where we all practice daily the virtues of a Samurai, and this inevitably leads us to many successes and achievements. Be it in school, socializing, or even family.
Discipline, respect, commitment, organization, self-knowledge are just some of the qualities we can acquire as we go along this path. And our children already earn all this in the dojo, for the example of the senpais and coordinators is an clear fact of this great opportunity.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita"

Barbosa - Campo Grande Unit

Arthur´s Self Portrait


Niten 25 Years Expanding Kobudô - Bringing the Teachings of Miyamoto Musashi to Brazil 1

(article of the newspaper Nikkey 04/19/18)

In Matéria em Japonês it is written that Sensei played in the Brazilian national team from 1985 until 1991, but the corrreto is 


¨I disenchant myself for Kendo¨

¨Niten Ichi Ryu," founded by the enlightened Miyamoto Musashi.

It is this style that Mr. Jorge Kishikawa (54 y/o, nissei) has the Menkyo Kaiden graduation. He is also the founder of the Niten Cultural Institute (from now on Niten) which completes the splendid 25th anniversary.
*Nissei - the second generation born in Brazil from Japanese parents.

There are approximately 1,200 disciples from eight countries in more than 70 branches in the Americas and Europe, focused and training hard every day.

Mr. Kishikawa points out that "more important than winning championships is to be happy in our lives."

What is the reason for him who has been a champion consecutive times and very experienced in the world of bujitsu have come to this conclusion?

Also, why are his many students, who are Westerners in the vast majority, are glimpsed by Niten? It is in search of these answers that we have been exploring.

It was night during the week. Iaijutsu classes took place in a hall in the Vila Mariana region. Iaijutsu is the samurai technique of unsheathing with ability and speed to beat your opponent.

The students were concentrated under the white kimono, and navy blue hakama were sheathing an Iaito sword to the waist. One could hear explosive shouts of "Yah !," "Yay!" Echoing around the room giving the place an air of much inspiration and determination.

One of the students began the movement in Seiza´s position. The moment his knee raised and his left foot went forward; the cut ended with power. His sword stopped immediately at the moment that to the sound of "Zup!!!" cut in the horizontal height to the ground.

When I, reporter, arrived, I noticed that Mr. Kishikawa austerely monitored every step and movement of his students. As I had previously informed that I would visit, I asked one of his students to notify him of my arrival.

The student referred to Mr. Kishikawa of "Kishikawa Sensei" and performs the traditional protocol accurately. Everything shows that they practice protocol strictly on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Kishikawa nods to the reporter and shows himself smiling at me.

Mr. Kishikawa started kendo at age 7. Day after day, he raised his technical level, and at age 14 he won the 3rd place in the individual and team squad at the 2nd World Youth Championship held at Budokan Gymnasium in Tokyo. From 1982 to 1991, he a starting player of the Brazilian team in the World Tournaments held every three years.

"Built" Niten in the year he graduated in medicine from UNIFESP in parallel to his entry into the labor market.

In 1998, he made the unprecedented accomplishment of being the first Brazilian approved to the 7th dan Kyoshi by a bench of Japanese examiners. It was soon after that he retired from the world of kendo.

When asking why he chose Kobudo, Mr. Kishikawa was accurate:

- "I disenchant myself for Kendo."

"In kendo, only one form of combat is practiced. In the Kobudo, there are dozens of forms and all of them originating in old and traditional schools. My purpose called me to fight in every form that was possible. I wanted freedom", he added.

The only thing is that in Japan the practice of Kobudo is restricted to only performing katas. It led Mr. Kishikawa to elaborate and adapt the techniques of the old schools for "Kenjutsu combat" and thus transmit them in the Niten.

"It´s impossible to get emotional just by performing the techniques (katas). True charm occurs when the technique works in combat."

Upon hearing these words, I saw in the appearance of Mr. Kishikawa, a truly delighted young man. - (Reporter Rikuto Yamagata)

Photo: "Sr Kishikawa teaching Iaijutsu - Niten´s archive."


Cutting Down the Doom

We are only humans, and we all know this, or at least in the unconscious, we realize we are just humans. We are weak.
Going away from our entire family, our parents, siblings, and friends to stay away for years require courage. Especially when you´re alone.
Loneliness, doubts, anxiety and fear only happen when we go far away from "our place".
It is in these moments that a compass, a helping hand is essential. And when I say about "helping hand," I mean of the one who helps you but also charges you.
Being direct: if you have Niten, you will not be alone, you will not get lost.
Lucky for the one who has Niten around...



Born in Fortaleza*, about seven years ago, I decided to move to Sao Paulo in search of professional specialization and to complement my academic training. At that time, I had never spent more than a month away from my hometown and my family, but I felt the time was right. I remember that feeling of fear mixed with some hope of facing a whole new world; the anxiety and the expectation of the people who loved me to make it work and the things I had to give up so I could continue with this dream.
*Fortaleza is a northeastern city in Brazil, capital of Ceara state located 1472 miles north from Sao Paulo.

Very methodical, strict and inflexible to myself (and often to others as well), this behavior gave me a (false) self-confidence that I was prepared for whatever appeared in front of me. But seven years away from what was my comfort zone had more to teach me than I imagined...

At one point, I saw myself completely lost in the face of a problem that I thought I could not overcome. The stiffness with which I dealt with events was leading me along through a very dark road. I could no longer distinguish what the personal side of the professional was, and it started to affect my life for the worse. I woke up without any will. That dream that had begun seven years ago was becoming a nightmare that I could not get rid of, and I was alone. That´s when, fortunately, I just silenced and breathed...

About seven months ago, through advertisements and videos, I became acquainted about something named the Niten Cultural Institute. Due to a personal search, I became aware of the samurai culture and the Bushido code and wondered how it was able to make the men of that time so brave and willing to lay down their lives for what they thought fair, without hesitation. At first, I only admired by far. Until I created the courage and participated in a Workshop at the Brooklin Unit in Sao Paulo with Senpai Weber and things started to happen...

After this Workshop, I attended an experimental class at the Sumaré Unit (my current dojo of origin) with Senpai Marques and Poli. I still remember coming all embarrassed and wondering about all that, but at the same time already with a deep admiration for what was happening there. All the Senpais were very attentive and careful with my presence there. Senpai Toshi was very polite, helpful and excited about my appearance (even though she had never seen me before). In this first Kenjutsu class, I have tried the katas, I suffered a lot with the seiza position (even after some training time), I dressed the bogu, I trained with one, two swords, I erred, I hit, I fought, I lost, and I won ... And then I wear the kimono and keep training.

I recently returned to Fortaleza for a short vacation of ten days. This time I did my first Iaijutsu class. Being received in my hometown now by Senpai Izakiel and Edson, the feeling was already different. Even much more experienced than I, it seemed that we were brothers in the same track and that we were there to continue improving together. The Senpai´s care in guiding the correct technique, in "pulling" with the right intensity and even in sending a "beat with less force otherwise you are going to pay a punishment!" (lol) only made more evident the importance that they gave to continue with our personal improvement and not run away from the confrontation, however difficult the situation is.

“Ribeiro, go back to Sao Paulo and train with Sensei and then come back here and show us what you´ve learned!” Senpai Izakiel told me late in the morning. Hai!

Today I return to Sao Paulo knowing that my family has become much more significant and with that also my commitment to it. And with the feeling that every time I walk into a dojo (whatever the place), I´ll feel closer to my hometown and source.

I met many people and things during this period in Sao Paulo, and most of them I no longer have contact anymore. Despite the frequent changes along this journey, I have made sure that what really makes the difference stays or returns to us at some point in that journey. Even if it´s only for a period...

Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
Domo arigato gozaimashita Niten Cultural Institute"

Ribeiro, Sumaré Unit

Ribeiro, pediatric surgeon

With the group from Sumaré Dojo.

With the Niten´s family at the last gashuku of the year