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63rd Paulista Award - Senpai Cristina

Nowadays it is rare for anyone to continue an activity for more than 2 years.
Here we have an example of perseverance, resilience
Cristina continued Samurai´s path, being wife and mother for 20 years
I imagine that all this trajectory was not easy.

With perseverance she goes to the dojos bringing the samurai tradition to many students, with his sympathy and joy teaches about tradition, Kenjutsu and what is essential for many years in the many dojos she coordinated, also takes Hannah, her youngest daughter, and accompanies your husband Wenzel.
This is the way for the family to be happy.
When the family finds out what is essential it will be a happy family.
Omedetou Cristina


In a simple but meaningful ceremony for the Nikkei community, the São Paulo City Council received, on the 9th August, the Award Ceremony of the 63rd Paulista Sports Award. The event aims to honour athletes and leaders who contributed and continue to contribute to the development of sport in the country.

This year the award in the KOBUDÔ category honoured Senpai Cristina, Niten Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro.

Article published yesterday Jul 15 in Nippak Journal
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Translation of Senpai Cristina´s words: "What I think is wonderful is that I am a female practitioner in a super masculine environment. I was very honoured to be representing women, who are still few in our area and I hope open doors for other practitioners."
"I´ve always enjoyed sports and always wanted to practice a martial art, so when I found the Niten Institute and started doing Kenjutsu I fell in love."

Deputy Consul General of Japan Mr. Akira Kusunoki and Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa with Mr.Hasegawa, Kendo Honore.
Sensei was the advisor of the honoree.

After the ceremonial, the traditional Erdinger with the Sensei.


Gashuku: Diamond

Climbing the mountain and finding Diamonds is a blessing from the Gods.
Wise will be the one who has opted for this alternative.
Settled will be the one who insists on staying on the floor.


"To be able to climb the mountain and to be with my master and to hear his words, to observe the techniques and to be taught directly is priceless. 
Even with such a special Diamond Moment as it was, I had the privilege of discovering secrets about Musashi Sensei that I had no idea.
I will definitely reread Go Rin No Sho with another perspective. 
I just have to be very grateful to Musashi Sensei for being a great samurai and putting so many people in the path of Bushido and also to Sensei for continuing to propagate what is most essential in life."

Perazzini (Dojo Brasília)

Brasilia unit at Gashuku - Perazzini in the centre, next to Jorge Kishikawa Sensei

Read more about "Climbing the Mountain" in SHIN HAGAKURE Vol. 1 - Pages 44 and 45
Sensei Jorge Kishikawa´s Book 


Gashuku - Essential

"A productive life will have the one that finds the essential and a wasted life one that ignores the essential"

"What is essential? This Sensei taunt has led me to review my whole life strategy. For me, this was the hardest Gashuku I have ever participated in. Not because of the rain and cold, not to mention the wind, that they didn`t give a break to us or the practice. But it was harder to think about what is really essential at this point in my life as I approach 55 years of age.
Like the great masters, Sensei puts the challenge in the air and gives tools for a possible answer. At NITEN hard work and happiness walk together. Train and train and then train some more until the thoughts are completely erased and there is only that “strike without thinking”, without any calculation or reasoning, that comes out automatically, within the best NITEN technique, as a result of training hard. This precise strike is essential.
If katas, kihons, keikos, that is, overcoming the limits of the body are part of the way. Wisdom, too, is the soul`s necessary food to reach the essentials. So at Diamond Moments, Sensei talked about Musashi Sensei and how we at NITEN are lucky to be guided by this great man, who could have been one of Japan`s great Shoguns. We were lucky enough to meet him on our way to light our steps. Miyamoto Musashi Sensei shows us by practice what is essential. He has excelled in all areas and is hailed to this day as the swordmaster and artist of life.
At the end of the night, as I lay down for my well-deserved rest by Pazinato, my son, I felt tremendous gratitude for everything we did on the day: gratitude for the training, gratitude for the teachings, the Senpais and instructors I met, including Senpai. Joel Correia, Senpai Tadeu, Senpai Wenzel, whom I had never talked to before. I was also very grateful to Senpai Shindi, our Curitiba Corrdenador, and Senpai Adriano, an example of Samurai, both at Gashuku.
As Sensei says "the essential is to find the essential." To do so, one must work hard, enjoy the happiness that the journey has brought to us, and thank NITEN for the opportunity on the way. The August Gashuko certainly brought me closer to the essentials.

Domo Arigatou Sensei Jorge Kishikawa. 
Arigatou Gozaimashitá!" 

Amintas - 
Dojo Curitiba


August 06 - Learning in the ruins

Today August 06, we remember Hiroshima.
I chose the image below to remember that we must never lose hope.

The essential thing is not to lose the essential


Open Sky class
Hiroshima, June 1966
Primary school in nobori-Cho neighborhood


Journey to the dojo

"I arrived at the Niten Institute through the site, which is very detailed and contributed a lot to the interaction with Niten`s team. Also, I register the excellent service made by phone. For months I flirted with the Institute, following the YouTube page and other social networks. As I live in Porto Velho, Rondônia, I signed up as a pioneer student and was able to enjoy a holiday to be in training in São Paulo.

The experience was wonderful, the reception of the team and the opportunity to be with Jorge Sensei further enriched the experience. The training was exciting from start to finish. I left the Dojo with a deep lament: the lack of a place to train in my city. I hope I can contribute to this process and welcome other instructors to facilitate the process here in the north of Brazil."

Vinicius Valentin Raduan Miguel, professor at the Federal University of Rondônia.


At this moment that I go to Japan for one of my quests toward the truth on the Japanese Sword Path, I read this story and I realize how exciting it is for you from all over Brazil to find on Niten what you were always looking for!
The Path is long, many surprises, many news, many achievements, discoveries. 

This is what you should aim not to be merely in sports, not merely seeking medals, seeking a diploma...
You have to seek the truth.
Like him, from Rondônia to here.
It is a pleasure to teach all those in Brazil, America and Europe who want to find the truth in the Samurai Sword.




Find The Essentials

"Shitsurei shimasu,
First of all, I need to thank Sensei for the immense change that Niten has caused in my life.
When I was younger, I was a determined boy, with a "sparkle in my eyes", running after my dreams with claws, always a student and a warrior.
I participated in the Scout movement, was involved in community activities, organized projects at the university, played sports, practiced music, learned foreign languages ​​... I was never stopped!
But at some point, I got lost. Without having a north, the brightness of the eyes disappeared and I was getting more and more comfortable. I lived some years in this state, which I consider to be lost.
Then I found Niten! That`s when I realized something was wrong. And it was through the training and teachings of the Sensei that I was letting go of the vices that had accumulated in me.
My last victory, I owe to this transformation. At the beginning of the month, I was employed as a Product Engineer in a multinational company, even in the midst of the cost reduction and team reduction policies.
In Niten I learned that NOT: measuring efforts, staying still, staying in the same room, being lazy and many other addictions that easily attack us if we let the spirit relax. So we must train, train and TRAIN!
Doumo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for having "straightened" me and shown the north again!"
Dojo Curitiba



This student`s report shows us many points in common with our lives.
As children, we have many dreams, desires to conquer the world, to do a thousand things. But as time goes by, we change. 
Many things happen half-way through: fatalities, problems, all we have to overcome, it`s war. Life is war.
You have a thousand choices to make in the world: fun, work, sports, relationships, but you have to find something that is going to change your life, this is the most important.
You waste time and money doing other things. And if you do not find the essence, the purpose, or rather the tool that will change you, that will get you out of the hole, you will be lost.
It`s useless running after everything in this world, you have to find the essential.
And Sionek found it,
I wish the same for you.



The Bonfire of St. John

 *"Saint John, Saint John
Light the fire
in my heart"
Niten warming St. John´s Day with the fire of our KIAI.

Niten´s St. John Bonfire!

* Brazilian Folk Song


17th TBIK * Kobudo Individual Brazilian Tournament

You have to fight free from all the restrictions that are in the positions designed by other schools.
At Niten you are free to Fight.
As Musashi Sensei told us: Use all resources to apply the techniques.
This is the true purpose of the True Path of the Sword.
The rest is a waste of time.



Teaching to be Samurai

I wrote in ShinHagakure vol.1, that does not matter if you are the youngest, least experienced, and even if you do not have a degree.
The diploma is not the most important. The diploma everybody has.
You`ve got to have something different, and this you will only get if you stoned this something different. It is a little diamond that will make the difference between you and all your opponents.

For this, you will have to go through a process, an authentic and powerful process.
A process will change your life.
For this we are here, waiting for you.


Yesterday I started my new job! In my area, in a good American company, here in São Paulo.
I wanted to thank Sensei, Senpai Wenzel, and Niten, because I am sure they were, together with my parents, those who provided most to this achievement.
I wanted to share a conversation I had with my new manager:
My new boss called me into his office yesterday, on my first day, to talk. He said:
- You are less experienced, have less technical knowledge than the two other candidates that we evaluated for your position, but in the behavioral part, in your attitude, you won.
And he added: it is easier to enable/train the technical part of someone, but it is tough to teach the professional attitude, the respect, the balanced way of being, the character.
What I understood was: we were able to teach the work, the tasks, but we could not prepare to be Samurai.
Kokokara, arigatou gozaimashitá!"