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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Pan-Americano USA 1 - Light and Happy

    "Our first days in Miami in preparation for the Pan American Encounter was beyond my expectations. The Brazilian, Argentinian and American teams commingled very well and supported one another during the whole time.

    After the preparations came the training. Heavy training followed by shiais in which even the newcomers and beginners had a chance to fight and feel the adrenaline pumping was an unforgettable experience to watch Sensei practicing in Miami.
    I think that we are going in the right direction and that Niten has a bright future in the US.
    Our bodies may be tired but our souls are light and happy...." Barreto - São Paulo

    Historic morning in Miami: we arrived.

    The house full in Suburi at full steam!

    Painting Manet in Colorado


    Samurais in Denver

    Denver Banzai!

    Samurais in the far west


    The Art Samurai arrives in Miami!

    Happy End!



    "It"s a celebration that reflects Sensei"s perseverance, going to Japan to seek the Kobudo and dedicating his life to learn and teach the Way; the perseverance of Joel Senpai, who accepted 20 years ago the challenge of believing and training with Sensei, and the perseverance of Alessandro Senpai who accepted the challenge of assuming the Porto Alegre unit when Joel Senpai went to Argentina." - Jonatha (Porto Alegre Unit)


    "Another remarkable fact was the interaction with all the colleagues from other units in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. This diversity of people made me feel encouraged to go more often Niten´s events in São Paulo to regain these colleagues and get to know them (fight with them as well)." - Mara (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "Arigatou Gozaimashita to Alessandro Senpai for leading Porto Alegre and not give up, arigatou gozaimashita to Joel Senpai for travelling hours and hours to bring the Niten to the south and taking the Niten to the world, and arigatou gozaimashita to Sensei, for having a dream and go after it, make it a reality and encourage others to share the same path, with strides forward. " - Daniela Cavalheiro (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "In Shin Hagakure Sensei teaches us that we must climb the mountain. Now I realized that we shouldn"t wait until we are more experienced or confident for this - the sooner we go up, the better." - Rocha (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "From the selection of the aerial cable cars in Canela Park, where we could enjoy a magnificent, calm and harmonious natural landscape, to the walkthrough Gramajo´s downtown, where we contemplate a traditional parade and enjoy a particular and charming urban landscape in its own way." - Daiana (Unidade Buenos Aires)

    "The theme of the Golden Moments was: Courage!" - Noemi (Caxias do Sul Unit)

    "When we talk about Sensei, we have imagined someone who was angry and closed to others, but when we´ve met Sensei Jorge Kishikawa we could see that he is cheerful, but serious when he has to be. What I like the most in this gashuku for the 20 years of Instituto Niten in Porto Alegre was the shiai at the end of the training, with cheering crowd. " - Emannuel (Caxias do Sul Unit)

    "20 years is a long time, but it goes fast!". This was Sensei"s recurring phrase for the Event. But I confess that when I heard stories back and forth "- from the beginning of Joel Senpai, his first training at POA (Porto Alegre), pioneering in other countries in the South, and expansion to cities of Caxias, Novo Hamburgo and Gravataí, I felt that 20 years were more close to 40. Many things happened on this Path that only those who live intensely by the sword, and by others, could accomplish in such "short" time. - Shindi Sakaguti (Curitiba Unit)

    "Diamond Moments that I received on Sunday dinner (properly noted on a napkin because it was what I had available at that moment): May we all train to be happy and live intensely!" - Sources (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "Participating in the Gashuku of the 20 years of the NITEN Porto Alegre Unit was the proof of being walking the Way in the right direction!" - Machado (New Hamburg Unit)

    “Training with sincerity, the path of happiness!" - Vera Piccoli (Caxias do Sul Unit)


    PORTO ALEGRE 20 YEARS 1 - Niten has no other way

    "In this Niten event, I participated much more as an organizer than I ever had a chance to be. The responsibility was great, every fault and doubt was a such a huge gap to me, I was very anxious and nervous on the first day: Senki, my spirit was at war, agitated, attentive, attending to everything I could, seeking to make up for every mistake and trying to do the best for the event."

    "In the morning I accomplished my favorite mission: to take care of the training of the KIR Junior - and it was great to see the determination of the little ones fighting, they began afraid and soon they were releasing all the kiai at each exercise!" Each one fighting with Takemitsu, I was so proud of ours KJ attacking and going ahead with kiai, every Hajime they were increasing the energy and joy of being there."

    "After talking to the parents and returning to focus on the event, I forgot to practice. It was necessary for Tais Senpai telling me to stop everything and start doing katas from Iaijutsu. A few repetitions with the best that I could do, and aware of Sensei"s corrections, that was my Kishikawa Ryu Iaijutsu training. I allowed myself to train more the Suio Ryu. I used every opportunity in any of the squares when some colleague got tired I applied myself to the greatest to repeat my katas by observing and listening to the corrections from the Senpais. Among intense and vigorous training and guidance for the youngest who needed help to organize the event, I was able to make my iaito worth for this day, I am very happy every time I can use it."

    "At the time of the Shiais, I spent all my time checking my colleagues" bogus and concentrating my spirit on the struggle that was about to come. After I got my Men I remembered Sensei"s words about the peace of mind of those who enter the duel, I prepared myself lightly and breathing normally."

    "When I was entering the circle I was beginning to stir my spirit and then our general, Takemitsu - who always gave tips on how to attack suggesting kamais to our Chimangos fighters - gave the command "go there and finish him, Petersen" and that"s how my spirit was completely inflamed, I went in there being certain about my combat, to show all my dedication in front of the Sensei and my sword colleagues."

    "Kiai, energy, everything that Alessandro Senpai always charges and is already in the blood, written in the spirit. I only returned from the state of fighting to the Niten event after leaving the arena.
    Our party was an opportunity to talk for a few minutes with Sensei again, I felt very happy to be worthy of listening to Sensei. To honor Joel Senpai and once again thank Alessandro Senpai"s dedication, effort, and persistence in offering us such a strong and good dojo. Alessandro Senpai is majime. I always want to demonstrate the value of our Senpai and it is very good to be able, in an event like this, to thank and ask to continue putting us on the track and I realize that this is the kind of feeling that Alessandro Senpai has for Joel Senpai and I believe that today I can understand what is it. Talk with colleagues who came to join the event and share this moment of gratitude for Sensei"s faith in sharing with us his dream and the journey of Joel Senpai to offer us the opportunity of the Path."

    "The trip to Canela and Gramado was a revisit of the landscapes of my childhood with my parents, all of these through a samurai vision visiting the place with his parents and brothers of the Path. Memories of this kind of trip were already golden and today are Diamonds.
    Getting close to our beloved colleagues, coming from afar, to present the sights and beauties of our lands and sharing everything with such special people who share convictions and ideals, is a true family, a very good feeling. From start to finish of the day every conversation with colleagues was a delight."

    "Listening to Sensei was intense and exciting for me. I didn"t expect to be called by Sensei to sit at his table and listen to the directions and teachings directly from the source. It was the perfect ending to the journey."

    "The Caxias dinner at the children"s table gave me more lightness and joy to end the day knowing that even the younger ones know very well what we are looking for in Niten."

    "I have no doubt that it is essential and my children, when I have them, will be in the path from the day they are born and trained in Niten from the day they can begin." Onegaishimassu, we need another 20 years for the good of the next generations!"

    "It has been a long time since I have been certain that Niten is essential for me and I want to follow this Path. This event showed that my feeling is about love, dedication and willingness to offer everything from myself to continue strengthening the Institute and myself on this Path."

    "We can"t stop, we can"t diminish, for all that Sensei and the Senpais offer us, there is only one way to follow with all kiai ahead. After knowing life with Niten there is no other way for those who love what is right and good."

    "For all the other things in life you find a way, jobs are changed, friends, life is changed as routine ... But Niten has no other way: it"s only in Niten!"


    16º TBEK - Children


    16º TBEK - Iaijutsu


    Kaiseki Ryori in Rio 2

    "Sensei´s presence motivated me a lot in training, I´d never have trained ou done something with so much commitment and focus. The energy inside the Dojo was explosive!" Paes - Tijuca
    When I go, I set "fire" indeed!

    "Arigato gozaimassu Sensei! It is comforting and inspiring to see the care and attention that Sensei give to us." I felt embraced and more than ever like a member of this family called Niten.
    Arigato gozaimassu Sensei and until the next meeting." Colonessi - Tijuca
    Care and attention won´t be missed for the Kaiseki Ryori"s future chefs (CS - Oct, 05th. Kenjutsu: Kaiseki Ryori)

    "Ohayou Gozaimasu

    For the younger ones like me, we receive information from all sides of what GASHUKU represents.
    I confess that even being an adult, I went there feeling apprehensive, worried about doing right for the first time because that was the rule in the corporate world that I lived. However, as soon as I got into the dojo, all these worries fell apart. I experienced the understanding and willingness to help everyone, especially the older ones, some of them also new to NITEN, but older than me.

    I lived intensely every moment of the day, observing the stance and the spirit of war of the colleagues in the Kenjutsu and instructions all the time. We were all there to learn new techniques and improve those already received. Was it tiring? - Yes, but in the end, I ended up feeling like a winner, even without fighting or presenting the almost nothing that I know in a different way or could deserve some highlight.

    We practiced the Katas, I observed the posture of the other Senpais, like Wenzel Coordinator, learning, always learning. But undoubtedly the most exciting moment for me was when I filled my chest with courage and at lunch, I went directly to SENSEI, did the greeting as they taught me and asked if I could approach. I said that I was honored to be there with him, receiving new instructions and corrections given by SENSEI himself, and asked him to autograph the SHINHAGAKURE2 that I was reading. Now, look at this! He came up in my direction and not only autographed my book but also we exchanged two or three words. Senpais, that person has the power to strike you like a lightning, no matter what your belief or religious option, talking with Sensei was like recharging all batteries at the same time and at 220V. I told him that even during the short period away from my wife, she encouraged me all the time saying..."You need to go back, when you return from the training you become different - radiant..." - proving the Good that training can offer, the moments of concentration, the joint activity and the Golden Moments. This is not a championship where people seek plates or medals, but they seek evolution, spiritual growth, but physical as well.

    Another wonderful experience was to see him, the SENSEI, going around actively yet serene, among the ranks without the meaning of people helping and guiding everyone in the exercises we practiced, with tranquility and patience.
    Thanks for allowing me to be inside of all of this and to let us drink from this source.
    Sayounara" Ramalho – Niterói
    Shin Hagakure: o livro que todo bom chef precisa ter para preparar o sofisticado Kenjutsu combate


    Kaiseki Ryori in Rio 1

    "There´s no better feeling than training above Sensei´s watch, his eyes were trained for so long, which show us pride, determination, and focus. Unstoppable serene eyes that show us kiai around him, eyes that are as a lapidary tool which knows all the way to transform a stone into a sculpture, eyes that will never leave you when you´re following the Budo path.
    Sensei arigato" Soares
    Nor a pinch more or less is what makes the difference in a dish for excellence.
    It would be a sacrilege to let pass the cooking.

    "This was my first Gashuku. When I arrived at Tijuca´s dojo (Rio), I felt an energy that I´d never felt before. So strong, so sincere, that it would be impossible not to notice. Already in the first minutes, I realized that everything I had learned in 3 months of Niten would be tested. I realized that the main purpose wasn´t to dig for the raw material that was inside of me, but rather polish what I already had from the most valuable. Meeting Sensei Kishikawa was such an honor! To have the opportunity of receiving corrections, advice, and smiles both from Sensei and the Senpais from other units was a true gift for my body and soul. Arigatô Gozaimashitá Sensei, Senpais, and everybody from Niten for being in my life. And let the carbon becomes, hopefully, one day, a sparkling diamond! " Portilho - Juiz de Fora
    Usually, we feel tested when we go into a tournament and competitions.
    Having this feeling in a Gashuku (intensive training) means an engagement with the (Samurai) Path.

    "Konbanwa Sensei! Shitsurei shimassu!
    It´s so important the participation in a gashuku so rich in details and spices. The banquet was set on the table, and we could revisit since the basic kamaes even the most complex, the fundamentals of Iaijutsu within katas of various styles.
    For the main chef, there are many nuances of smells, textures, colors, and flavors that can turn a regular recipe into a sublime experience. In the gashuku, Sensei presented a range of possibilities, paths, and secrets. It was a wealthy experience and the interaction with colleagues from RJ [Rio de Janeiro] was crowned with a great workout and an amusing get-together.
    The refinement of the Combat´s general perception begins with the hearing. Avoid making mistakes that prevent us from moving forward and, also, whenever possible, enjoy the banquet of techniques.
    Arigato Gozaimashita! Sayonara!" Ivan - Juiz de Fora
    Having a range of possibilities during the application of techniques and positions is nothing more than respect the individuality of the practitioner.
    Putting him through to apply only one of them is, in a few words, to "Kill the artist" that exists in each of us.
    Long life to the feast of techniques!

    "Konbanwa, Sensei!
    Shitsurei shimasu,
    During this gashuku, as in all others, the main ingredients were presented in all the dishes of the day: the physical intensity, the will to progress, the watchful eye to details and corrections from Sensei and Senpais, the wisdom and the sparkling diamonds, as well as others no less important ingredients.
    However, one ingredient excelled in their flavor notes, included in all the dishes in a special way in this event: the joy!
    Since the boarding of the Juiz de Fora´s entourage, passing through the conversations during the trip, the katas, snacks, the companion of colleagues in the gashuku, the weapon preparation, the exchange of ideas, the experience of the patches together, sweating at the same heat of combat, the birudo and the return. All of this, this time, in a tasting of a little more experienced perspective, it was possible to appreciate more clearly this ingredient so expensive, the joy, toward every moment, in every bite, every dish, each footprint on the Path.
    Doumo arigatou gozaimashita, Sensei, for providing us this Kaiseki Ryori*.
    Sayounara!" Durval - Juiz de Fora

    25 years ago, when I founded Niten, I promised myself that I wouldn´t prepare the same recipe "Samurai´s fitness center".
    It would be this time, a revolutionary course called "Samurai´s Temple".
    Here, the ambition gives rise to Happiness.

    "Domo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, por vir ao Dojo e nos prestigiar com sua presença. Cada palavra que o Sensei dizia, cada sorriso que o Sensei dava, cada movimento que fazia me energizava, me mantinha mais animado para tentar realizar cada ensinamento. Acho que foi uma das poucas vezes que saí de um treino tão puxado e intenso e ainda assim possuía energias pra continuar, continuar a ajudar a arrumar o dojo por completo, continuar a ir ao birudô com o Sensei, me divertir muito e a continuar ao caminho de casa que nesse dia nem parecia cansativo." Miron - Botafogo
    I canceled my trip to Japan due to recent political conflicts in that area (North Korea) and then I chose what I had to do: push on my students from Rio de Janeiro. The words of this student confirm that I made the right decision.
    "To taste" each fight posture (kamae) is to understand the essence of each one of them and of their founder.
    Eating in a hurry will be a total waste as well as a great harm to health.

    * Kaiseki Ryori = (Coffee with Sensei de oct-05th. Kenjutsu: Kaiseki Ryori)


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