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Cutting Down the Doom

We are only humans, and we all know this, or at least in the unconscious, we realize we are just humans. We are weak.
Going away from our entire family, our parents, siblings, and friends to stay away for years require courage. Especially when you´re alone.
Loneliness, doubts, anxiety and fear only happen when we go far away from "our place".
It is in these moments that a compass, a helping hand is essential. And when I say about "helping hand," I mean of the one who helps you but also charges you.
Being direct: if you have Niten, you will not be alone, you will not get lost.
Lucky for the one who has Niten around...



Born in Fortaleza*, about seven years ago, I decided to move to Sao Paulo in search of professional specialization and to complement my academic training. At that time, I had never spent more than a month away from my hometown and my family, but I felt the time was right. I remember that feeling of fear mixed with some hope of facing a whole new world; the anxiety and the expectation of the people who loved me to make it work and the things I had to give up so I could continue with this dream.
*Fortaleza is a northeastern city in Brazil, capital of Ceara state located 1472 miles north from Sao Paulo.

Very methodical, strict and inflexible to myself (and often to others as well), this behavior gave me a (false) self-confidence that I was prepared for whatever appeared in front of me. But seven years away from what was my comfort zone had more to teach me than I imagined...

At one point, I saw myself completely lost in the face of a problem that I thought I could not overcome. The stiffness with which I dealt with events was leading me along through a very dark road. I could no longer distinguish what the personal side of the professional was, and it started to affect my life for the worse. I woke up without any will. That dream that had begun seven years ago was becoming a nightmare that I could not get rid of, and I was alone. That´s when, fortunately, I just silenced and breathed...

About seven months ago, through advertisements and videos, I became acquainted about something named the Niten Cultural Institute. Due to a personal search, I became aware of the samurai culture and the Bushido code and wondered how it was able to make the men of that time so brave and willing to lay down their lives for what they thought fair, without hesitation. At first, I only admired by far. Until I created the courage and participated in a Workshop at the Brooklin Unit in Sao Paulo with Senpai Weber and things started to happen...

After this Workshop, I attended an experimental class at the Sumaré Unit (my current dojo of origin) with Senpai Marques and Poli. I still remember coming all embarrassed and wondering about all that, but at the same time already with a deep admiration for what was happening there. All the Senpais were very attentive and careful with my presence there. Senpai Toshi was very polite, helpful and excited about my appearance (even though she had never seen me before). In this first Kenjutsu class, I have tried the katas, I suffered a lot with the seiza position (even after some training time), I dressed the bogu, I trained with one, two swords, I erred, I hit, I fought, I lost, and I won ... And then I wear the kimono and keep training.

I recently returned to Fortaleza for a short vacation of ten days. This time I did my first Iaijutsu class. Being received in my hometown now by Senpai Izakiel and Edson, the feeling was already different. Even much more experienced than I, it seemed that we were brothers in the same track and that we were there to continue improving together. The Senpai´s care in guiding the correct technique, in "pulling" with the right intensity and even in sending a "beat with less force otherwise you are going to pay a punishment!" (lol) only made more evident the importance that they gave to continue with our personal improvement and not run away from the confrontation, however difficult the situation is.

“Ribeiro, go back to Sao Paulo and train with Sensei and then come back here and show us what you´ve learned!” Senpai Izakiel told me late in the morning. Hai!

Today I return to Sao Paulo knowing that my family has become much more significant and with that also my commitment to it. And with the feeling that every time I walk into a dojo (whatever the place), I´ll feel closer to my hometown and source.

I met many people and things during this period in Sao Paulo, and most of them I no longer have contact anymore. Despite the frequent changes along this journey, I have made sure that what really makes the difference stays or returns to us at some point in that journey. Even if it´s only for a period...

Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
Domo arigato gozaimashita Niten Cultural Institute"

Ribeiro, Sumaré Unit

Ribeiro, pediatric surgeon

With the group from Sumaré Dojo.

With the Niten´s family at the last gashuku of the year




It would have been much more convenient for us to hold the Kenjutu World Championship just in the top category. Only black belts. 
But for being a moment of fraternization, celebration and union, we have decided to include all categories. The whole Niten family. 
With this, the time has tightened, and it was left to the organizers to juggle that in no other sporting federation I have ever seen perform.
I persuaded the Miami coordinator to come with his son, even if he missed classes. He hesitated, he thought but decided to come.
They came, fought and marked the American presence.
Anyway, they left happy, and that`s what matters.
The Kenjutsu World Championship was not merely a World Tournament. It was an opportunity to fraternize warriors from around the world united by the same emotion: to learn that we have no time to lose.
Just like the United States, everyone took the best trophy!
See the best trophy:

Kombanwa Sensei, Shitsurei Shimasu!

We are already back to Miami and usual activities. The fatigue hit harder when we arrived in the morning, but we are definitely clean-hearted and with a refreshed soul.

Reviewing old colleagues, meeting new ones, receiving so many wishes for success in our mission here in the United States and especially the warm welcome to our students taking care to identify them so that all who spoke English could help in the translations made us feel very welcomed. We all leave renewed and with the feeling of belonging that will not be forgotten.

We arrived at 7 for a delay in the flight. Kevin went straight to school and has not rested (now it`s 9 p.m).

Personally, for us (me and Kevin) it was a great thrill to meet Sensei again, and Sensei Mika, the boys and everyone who encouraged us to follow. Kevin is delighted!

It was a unique opportunity to spend these days with Kevin talking in a way that our routine does not allow. I thank Sensei for changing the agenda for the participation of children and young ones.

It was long conversations about family, friends, budo and the life that I hope will be remembered for him. They will be marked for me also.

During the World Championship there was no time to lose, so I did not enjoy the obento during the day, so I decided to have dinner quickly before embarking on one of the airport restaurants. It was around the table with Kevin that I received my World Championship trophy. He said we need to travel more together.
God willing, let`s climb Mount Fuji!

Once more, Sensei. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita" 
- Takeshi/Miami.


1st KENJUTSU WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Words from the Champion

The delegation of Argentina had a great performance in the Kenjutsu World Championship, organized in Sao Paulo by the Kobudo Federation of that country on October 20th and 21st of this year. Four bronze medals were achieved, two of silver and one of gold in the general feminine categories, one of silver in the feminine teams and one of bronze in the masculine team. And, in the maximum female division of the event, both the first and third place were obtained, bringing the two awards to Argentina.

To celebrate this historic moment, we left some words from our World Champion Paula Cintioni:

I see my name on the screen and get ready. I hear the crowd of my teammates. A thousand butterflies were flying in my stomach. I breathe as deep as I can, close my eyes, exhale and focus. I put aside expectations, nerves, there is only the here and now. All that exists is this circle. I put one foot, and I think: "I can!"

In 2007, when I started training at Niten, if you had told me that I would not only participate in the World Championship but also win, I would not have believed. Today, at age 33 and a one-year-old baby, I feel this came at a very special moment in my life. I arrived at the World Championship with exhaustion that only parents of young children can understand. I have a lot of responsibility at work, I am the director of a software development company and command more than 40 people. Before traveling, I was busy with the logistics of leaving my son a weekend without a mother, coordinating everything to have a day off from work and trying to left nothing unfinished. This situation worsened when our flight was canceled from Buenos Aires: instead of taking off at 2:00 p.m., we ended up leaving at 1 o`clock at another airport ... getting to Sao Paulo was a challenge. I did not have time for any additional preparation for the World Championship, so I went only to participate and without any expectation, just with the joy of being able to watch.

However, when I arrived at the Dojo that morning the air of the event came upon me, seeing hundreds of colleagues from many places: Chile, United States, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal ... people who had come from another continent, the stands filled with family and friends who encourage without rest. I was motivated so much by the size of the event that I suddenly knew that just participating would not be enough. I decided to give it all; I wanted to go home at least fulfilling that goal. I always panic about the competitions, but this time I felt calm, happy and enjoying the process. One of the things Niten helped me to forge was self-confidence, crucial to every aspect of life! It was hard to face my mates, but I knew everyone was going to give their best and it was.

My first thanks go to my husband, without his unconditional support that I could not even have attended. Eternal thanks for him!

My second thanks go to my colleagues, especially my Senpais from the Vicente Lopez Unit where I started my path in Kenjutsu. Thank you for training me and for believing in me, for your support, for your patience, for giving me so much joy and for fighting fans. I especially liked the staff we rode with the girls, I felt that we connected, I felt part of a family with lots of sisters. I enjoyed the whole event; I am happy to have been able to attend, to meet with colleagues from other units, from other countries I have not seen for years, all there together in a celebration

Last but not least, my deepest gratitude to Sensei and Mika Sensei for letting us be part of their dream. It`s a privilege!

I regretted not having been able to stay to celebrate at the end of the event; many Argentinians literally, had to return home. There will be another opportunity!

What excites me the most is that one day I can tell my son that his mother was the champion of the Kenjutsu World Championship.



1st World Kenjutsu Championship - The Dream of a big dream

Ricardo Lopes (Coordinator of Niten Brasília), Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and Alexandre Amorim (Student of Niten Manaus)

Ohayou gozaimasu!! Shitsurei Shimasu!

More than a year ago, we heard from Sensei that we would have a world championship. Subsequently, the Championship was transferred to 2018, ... in the same year that NITEN Institute would celebrate 25 years !! What a bombshell!

The waiting lasted for so long ... the anxiety was increasing ... and an intense preparation! Samurais from all corners of the country and several countries of the world began their training to participate in the 1st World Championship of Kenjutsu !! The rigorous selection of those chosen to attend the historic event was enormous.

And finally, the big day arrived! Samurai gathered in a Dojo carefully prepared in every detail ... its colors, shapes, flags, flowers, speeches allowed to unite, in the best mode, the fighting spirit, the sensitivity and the lightness of the soul, fellowship and brotherhood around a common goal! Omedetou gozaimassu to EVERYBODY who directly and indirectly contributed to making a dream come true!

Every combat, every move, every defense, every precise strike ... Definitely, the samurai spirit lives and is present in all NITEN´s students. Happy are those who could feel the feel of the World Dojo in the air! "The sword that gives life!"

Thanks to the current technology and the insight of our Senpais, many NITEN members were able to follow online what was happening on the big screen, the keys and the results. Thank you also for the wonderful photos posted on the site and the filming of the speeches made at the event. It helped a lot to communicate the "essence" of the moment to those who could not participate.

Many authorities and many friends of NITEN attended the event and honored the NITEN Institute and our Sensei Jorge Kishikawa. I also had the pleasure, the happiness, the pride and the honor of meeting Sensei Yoshiaki and Sensei Mitiko.

It was for sure an incredible and exciting weekend. Sensei´s words eternalized and marked in our hearts! The story of how it all began 25 years ago, the dream, the challenges, the resistance of the unbelievers, the humiliation, the strength, the courage, the faith, the historical table, the first students, the units... Living this Moment was incredible and unforgettable!

Being able to walk the ´Warrior´s Path´, the Japanese philosophy and the samurai virtues along with Senpai Pinheiro and my friends Lins and Lauro, traveling more than 4 thousand kilometers, from Manaus to Sao Paulo, was very gratifying and edifying. And when we return we can share all this emotion with our friends from the NITEN Unit from Manaus.

Thanks for my Senpais, who welcomed me in Sao Paulo! Meeting them again was incredible! The new friendships that emerged at the event were memorable. To the Senpais who had trained us in Manaus, Senpai Silva, and Senpai Costa, omedetou for the victories and the spectacular combats. Omedetou Senpai Wenzel for the excellent organization of the event. Omedetou to Senpai Gilberto and Senpai Paula, the best samurais in the world !!! Arigatou gozaimassu to all the Senpais of ADM (Niten administration), Senpai Maryanna and Senpai Midori who always help us in the possible doubts occurred.

Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for your perseverance, courage, and faith believing in us, non-Easterners, we would be worthy to receive the Japanese philosophy and culture, we would be able to rescue the traditions of the samurai, to learn the millennial principles of samurai and to follow the hard way of the warrior - the Bushido.

“A Dream of a Great Dream!”

Amorim, Alexandre - Manaus Unit


1st World Kenjutsu Championship - 25 Years in the NIPPAK NEWSPAPER

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1st World Kenjutsu Championship concludes 25 years of celebrations of the Niten Institute perfectly.

Held on October 20th and 21st at the APCD - Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons - in the north area of Sao Paulo, the 1st World Championship of Kenjutsu ended the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the Niten Institute with perfection. The competition was attended by more than 400 athletes from the 70 units established in nine countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, Portugal, and England. At the time, the founder and president of Niten, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa received a tribute from the governor of the State of Sao Paulo, Márcio França (PSB). The plaque was delivered by Massaki Shimada of the Sao Paulo State Patrimony Council and former president of Ceagesp.

There have been contests in all categories, from children´s (5 to 11 years) to senior, including the Team Tournament. In the top category, Gilberto Vieira, from Sao Paulo, won the title among men while among women, the Argentine Paula Cintioni surprised by beating Brazilian Ana Lucia Pieri.

In the team competition, Brazil was in the first two places in the male category - with Brazil "A" and Brazil "B", respectively - while in the female category, Brazil gave "A" in first and Argentina "B" in second.

Besides the disputes, practitioners were able to watch the most real samurai duels after 400 years and also witnessed an unprecedented event in the Americas: the shooting of a Japanese musket of 1850 (hinawaju) fired by Sensei´s eldest son, Yoshimitsu Kishikawa. According to Kishikawa, the weapon is identical to that used in the movie "The Last Samurai," starring Tom Cruise.

Little push - For the students, the tournament "took a long time". "They said it took twenty-five years for us to hold such an event. But everything in life has its right moment", explains Kishikawa, realizing that even he did not expect to go that far.

"Blame", in part, for his wife, Mika, a partner for almost three decades and who has closely followed the whole trajectory of the Niten. Currently responsible for the kid´s training, Mika also guides the administrative part and it was from her the necessary "push" that allowed the expansion of Niten beyond the capital of Sao Paulo.

"At the beginning, still in Itaim Unit, by the way, our first Unit, we received many letters and emails from Rio de Janeiro, and even from Minas Gerais interested in practicing. She insisted Sensei to go to these places, but he always claimed that he could not handle a single unit, "Mika laughs, remembering that at the time Jorge Kishikawa still split his time between teachings and shifts at the General Hospital of the Army.

Mika started to do the opposite: she asked for these people to come to Sao Paulo. And they came. This is how Niten began to form its first monitors. Today there are almost a thousand practitioners who seek Niten for many different reasons.

Emptiness - "Before, people were looking for the Niten to fill the emptiness they did not find in other martial arts. Most of them were middle-aged, who had already practiced martial arts and who saw in the Institute a proposal to fill the philosophical part that they did not find in other martial arts", says Kishikawa, adding that he himself, twice a Brazilian five-time champion of Kendo, dropped the modality in search of bigger challenges.

"After I reached the peak of kendo in terms of Brazil, both medal and graduation, I felt I could not stop my way like that. I had to keep getting better, developing myself. That´s when I began to feel a spiritual emptiness, and this spiritual emptiness, in part, was the tradition calling me. So my interest turned to search for the origins of what I was doing with kendo, "says Kishikawa, adding that over the years the age group of practitioners began to shift to a younger age group and with them came many descendants of Japanese, who at first were rare.

"Many of these descendants look for the Niten in search of their origins because the Niten established itself as a reference in the search of the origins for being a place where the tradition is preserved, where the oldest things are taught, explains Sensei.

According to Kishikawa, the Niten was born not only with the purpose of spreading the millenarian teachings of the arts of the samurai sword, "but with the purpose of doing a job that was not only aimed at winning medals and graduations, giving priority to the philosophical part as well. "

"The Niten Cultural Institute is called like this because it assumes that you have to be always researching and developing yourself, not to be stagnant in your rules. That was another reason I got out of kendo. The rules are the same and can not change. That is, there is no freedom to express myself in an artistic way because everything is regulated, "says Kishikawa, noting that with the birth of his three sons - Yoshimitsu (15), Takemitsu (14) and Hiromitsu (12) - created the KIR Junior, aimed at children from 5 to 11 years old. "In KIR Junior about 70 to 80% are descendants of Japanese. They are children whose parents want children to know their origins and learn the Japanese tradition", says Kishikawa, noting that over the years, Niten has also become a reference in Japanese culture. "Even our goal in the course for children is for them to be educated in the samurai way, that is, our goal with them is education. "

Golden Moments - "I can not talk about spirituality or culture with children as I speak to adults," Kishikawa says that in Niten the students learn the technique but also the spiritual side and the philosophy passed, mainly, through conversations, the so-called Golden Moments, when, at the end of each training, the students meet around Sensei or the responsible Senpai for training to hear teachings about samurai culture and Japanese philosophy.

"In these master-disciple relationships, we approach concepts such as discipline, self-control, concentration and stress control under the samurai view, and students learn how to use the sword teachings in their daily lives," says Kishikawa, explaining that this coexistence takes place outside the usual classes, in the form of gashuku, intensive training held in parks, mountains and clubs.

"We have already done in such places like Nippon Country Club, Cooper and Pinhal Colony", says Kishikawa, who, in the future, hopes to achieve
10,000 students and have the World Championship "with at least 1,000 participants". "If we had about 400 in this, I think we will have to wait another 25 years," Kishikawa jokes, concluding that in Niten, the most important thing is to see people happy.

"I tell my students that you will not be happy reading self-help books, but training and living together. That´s the way I have if there are others I do not know. And I can say that in these 25 years I have been able to make people happy, "he says.
(Aldo Shiguti)


1st World Kenjutsu Championship held in October in Sao Paulo, gathered around 400 practitioners from nine countries.

Kishikawa receives homage from Governor Márcio França delivered by Massaki Shimada.

Yoshimitsu Kishikawa shoots with Japanese musket from 1850.

One of the first photos of Niten practitioners at Itaim Unit.

1st World Kenjutsu Championship held in October.

Over the years, the Niten Institute has also been wanted by children.


1st World Kenjutsu Championship - Nito Do

Massao - São Paulo Vs Vaz - Rio de Janeiro