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"Passing cloud, stream of water", the ephemeris of moments, things, and life like a passing cloud and a stream of flowing water.


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One Superior Drive, Unit B
Superior, CO 80027
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All classes are open to new students and those interested in watching.
Instructor: Thomas Spanos
Phone: +1 (716) 710-8125



US$ 40 (one time fee, due at the 3rd class)

Single Session:

US$ 30


2 options for multi-session packages
8 Session Flex Package (non-consecutive): US$ 200
8 Session Fixed Package (consecutive): US$ 120


Beginners can train with T-shirt and sport pants (Judo pants, jogging pants, or similar).
The definitive uniform consists of the Kimono and Hakama, and the basic practice swords are a standard bamboo shinai and a wooden bokken. Other equipment, such as combat armor (bogu) and additional weapons, can be acquired according to the evolution and availability of each student. For the combat armor, there is also the option of renting armor from the dojo. For details about equipment or rental availability, please ask the instructors of the Dojo. .

Getting Started

Visit a training session:

Please feel welcome to visit a training session, as listed on the schedule above. There is no need to pre-register, all training sessions are open to interested observers.

Experimental Classes:

If you are interested in participating, but not sure about enrolling, you can take part in experimental lessons for your first two visits. We will provide the necessary equipment, and you won’t have to worry about enrollment and equipment fees unless you decide to continue. The ideal outfit for beginners is a dark T-shirt and breathable workout pants.


Adults of all ages, men and women can train. There are no specific prerequisites nor the need to previously have physical training or experience in martial arts. The training brings technical, physical and interior progress to all ages and stages of life.


Children from 12 years old can participate in all training sessions.


Sessions last an average of 2 hours. Training sessions are made up of various parts, warm-up, basics of strokes and techniques, sequence training and combat. Combat training is usually divided up into groups of beginners, intermediates, and graduates, while at other times the more experienced may work with and guide the most novice. How frequently one should train depends on the potential of each student. With training just once a week, it will be easy to to see technical progress, physical and health-related benefits, and the assimilation of the principles and values of the Bushido philosophy. A lower frequency of training is still valid, and can provide results for students with less availability.


During any visit to the Dojo, try to stay until the end of the session and participate in the Golden Moments, when the training is complemented with elements of Japanese culture and Bushido samurai philosophy.

KIR Method:

KIR is a training method aimed at the physical, mental and emotional development of the student, giving little emphasis to competitiveness and discouraging the use of force. With this positive energy, the student feels confident to fully develop their potential.

The Arts


The art of the samurai sword is still alive and can be practiced today, with the closest approximation of the experiences by which samurai lived for centuries. There are hundreds of stances and fighting techniques that are practiced during training sessions with the use of appropriate equipment for protection and safety.

Within Kenjutsu is practiced the Niten Ichi Ryu style, created by the samurai Miyamoto Musashi Sensei. The name of this style means “Two Skies as One,” alluding to the famous techniques of two swords, able to defeat the most skilled opponents with whom Musashi-Sensei crossed swords.
Welcome to the
Colorado Dojo
of the Niten Institute

Kenjutsu Combat, created by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, is when you apply ancient Kenjutsu techniques in combat with modern armor (Bogu) and using bamboo swords (Shinai).

Niten Institute classes are not only for strengthening the body, but also the mind and spirit, by practicing the techniques and following in the footsteps of our founder, Miyamoto Musashi. This style of Kenjutsu Combat only recently arrived in the US with the 2017 visit of Sensei Kishikawa.

As such, we are very excited to announce the beginning of regular classes here in the Denver-Boulder region. We have secured a great location at the new Sport Stable in Superior, conveniently located less than a mile from the US-36.

Regular classes are currently offered twice a week, but make sure to check our schedule frequently for special guests and events.

Come discover the way of the sword!

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por Niten - 19-ago-2017

Sunday August 27th at 1 PM

This workshop will introduce you to the practice of KENJUTSU, both with and without armor, as well as passing on the Samurai Culture. You will have the chance to learn KOBUDO (traditional martial arts) techniques used by traditional samurai schools. We will explain the history of these Samurai arts, demonstrate techniques, and allow beginners to practice Katas (Pre-defined Movements) and experience KENJUTSU COMBAT under the direct instruction of Senpai Kenzo.

Kenzo Dino
- Niten Institute Kenjutsu practitioner since 2001
- Kenjutsu Instructor since 2005
- Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu CHUDEN Graduate
- 2015 2015 São Paulo Sports Award in the KOBUDO category
- 1st Dan Kenjutsu by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
- 1st Kyu Jojutsu by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
- 2nd Kyu Iaijutsu by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
- Attended Special Seminars with Japanese Masters from Kokushikan University Yokohama and Shindo Muso Ryu Style with Kaminoda Tsunemori Sensei.

The cost for the general public is $ 80.00, and can be paid onsite on the day of the workshop.

No previous knowledge or practice of martial arts is required. Participation is open to women and men, adults and children, over the age of 12.

To register, send an email to: denver@niten.org (pre-registration required).

Please wear a comfortable, long-sleeved t-shirt and sweatpants.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017
Time: 13:00 - 16:00 (please arrive 15 minutes early)
Cost: $ 80.00
Location: Impact Sports Performance (Sports Stable)
Address: One Superior Drive, Unit B, Superior CO 80027


Golden Moments - BOLDNESS

por Niten - 11-ago-2017

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Kamae - Mojigamae

por Niten - 18-jul-2017

Entrenamiento Intensivo con Senpai Vaz

por Niten Chile - 14-jul-2017

Éramos siete inscritos, el ser pocos sería un privilegio.
El entrenamiento comenzó con Niten Ichi Ryuno sabíamos si la barrera del idioma nos permitiría entender lo que Senpai Vaz nos diría, pero ¡ahí fue donde nos llegó el primer men ipon! Senpai Vaz es un profesor excepcional, con pocas palabras, mucho lenguaje corporal y firmeza en su instrucción daba a entender conceptos tremendamente complejos. A medida que avanzaba la clase, nos enseñaba aún más conceptos, luces que no habíamos visto antes, claridad en aspectos donde antes no la había. Cuando ya llevábamos una hora y media no lo podíamos creer, pensábamos que quedaba mucho tiempo de katas.

Llegó el momento de Kenjutsu. Fue todo tan didáctico, el segundo men ipon de Senpai Vaz, el ser capaz de explicarnos estas cosas con pocas palabras y mucha energía, ayudándonos a entender que las palabras son secundarias en el kenjutsu, el entrenamiento es lo principal. Nuestro nivel de felicidad no había bajado en lo más mínimo, seguíamos siendo niños en la nieve, disfrutando al máximo de este privilegio.
Luego, comenzó el Keiko, todos pudimos combatir un buen tiempo contra Senpai Vaz, su kiai, energía y alegría se apoderaron del dojo. Movimientos con propósito, muy controlados, un gran guerrero, tercer men ipon.
Pude ver en la mirada de todos mis compañeros alegría e incredulidad, por todo lo aprendido, estábamos todos impresionados, teníamos altas expectativas con el entrenamiento, y fue tanto más de lo que esperábamos, que manera de aprender.

Arigato Gozaimashita Senpai Vaz, esperamos volver a verlo en Chile.


Continues (complete post)

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Guilherme Caran - VitóriaA visita de Senpais a outras unidades é sempre uma grande oportunidade. O espírito se renova e nos impele para frente. (Continues)

Golden Moments - SECRET

por Niten - 10-jul-2017

Kendo-Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu e Jojutsu.
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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Golden Moments - TRAINING

por Niten - 12-jun-2017

Kendo-Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu e Jojutsu.
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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Golden Moments - HALF AN INCH

por Niten - 27-abr-2017

Kendo-Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu e Jojutsu.
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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Golden Moments - ATTACK

por Niten - 26-abr-2017

Kendo-Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu e Jojutsu.
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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Golden Moments - BETTER

por Niten - 20-abr-2017

Golden Moments.
The philosophy of Bushido applied to life.

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por - 21-mar-2017





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