All classes in person at Instituto Niten are suspended due to Covid-19.
In order to spread the flame of the Sword, we created the page "KENJUTSU AT HOME FOR ALL".
On this page, everyone can find material to train at home and passages from Sensei Jorge Kishikawa`s Golden Moments.
Let`s keep the Body, Mind and Spirit energy moving!
Getting Started - Instituto Niten Ir para o Conteúdo
V Torneio Brasileiro por Equipes de Kobudo, em Santos (out/2006)

Getting Started

The first steps to start training

To start training, the best way is to participate in an experimental lesson, where you will learn the basics of sword training and know the drills and the group.

Ideally, come with a T-shirt and sweatpants.
Sword and / or bokken will be loaned by us.

If you want, you can also come just to watch the training. But we recommend you to participate in the training, to feel what the lesson is like.


The class is divided into two parts:
Kata and Bogu.

Scroll sequences created by the Samurai for up to 600 years.
They are practiced in pairs with Bokuto (wooden sword).

-Bogu (protection armor)
In this part of the class students learn to apply the techniques.
Students who are starting and still do not use bogu train the application of the techniques to start using bogu.

Golden Moments
In the experimental class, as in all other training, the Sensei or the coordinator will eventually make the Golden Moments.
It is the moment when students learn more about samurai thinking and Japanese culture.
Concepts such as Discipline, Self-Control, Concentration and Stress Control are approached from a samurai point of view, and students learn how to fit the teachings of the sword into their day-to-day lives.

In the experimental class, you can stay until the end of the training or, if you prefer, less time (for example about 40 minutes).
It is recommended that you arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before the workout, so that you can enter quietly and participate in stretching.

For information regarding lesson and material values, refer to your Dojo HotSite on Locations .

Where to Start

Check the states and cities with Niten Institute units at Locations to discover the Dojos closest to you.

"What I hear, I forget;
What I see, I remember; What I do, I learn "