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Training with Senpai Wenzel - the aura of those that came before us

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 20-Mar-2018


My Name is Juan Borrero, I’m one of the members from the Niten Miami Unit/Squad. It is always a time of excitement to hear that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, or one of our Sempai are coming to visit. The whole unit gets into this mode of training that it is difficult to represent into words. I simply summarize this as being within the aura of those that came before us.

Sempai Wenzel arrived at our evening training and ​w​e had an intense two hour training in which everyone got to train with Sempai Wenzel. During the training I couldn’t help but notice the sense of relaxation Sempai Wenzel carries himself with. He makes the movements seem weightless, effortless, and with an impact that is not emanating from strength. Through training with Sempai Wenzel one can learn by watching his movements. That is more significant than simply getting instructions. The unit will learn and grow through their interpretation of Sempai Wenzel’s actions.

Further, as we had a short chance to share a meal as a group and show Sempai Wenzel around Miami, his relaxed approach can be seen permeating all aspects of his visit. Now I want to express that relaxation may be a wrong assumption as everything we shared with his visit was done with intensity. As we walked, dined, spoke and practiced, the most important take away I personally felt most impressed with was this small detail. I aim to experience this aspect of Niten in the future through our practice here in Miami as well as in my regular day to day life, living with intensity but in a harmonious approach, not with strength, resistance, or exertion of force, but with a relaxed conviction to create one perfect soft action.

In closing, the Miami Unit, and I, look forward for Sempai Wenzel’s future visit and that of all our other Sempai across the world. Otsukaressama Deshita!


Juan Borrero

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