In order to spread the flame of the Sword, we created the page "KENJUTSU AT HOME FOR ALL".
On this page, everyone can find material to train at home and passages from Sensei Jorge Kishikawa`s Golden Moments.
Let`s keep the Body, Mind and Spirit energy moving!

Newsboard - Niten Institute Miami Ir para o Conteúdo

Newsboard Niten Miami


por - Niten - 21-Mar-2017

Budo at the Park - Saturday Mar/4th - Weston, FL

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 06-Mar-2017

From left to right : Standing : Rafael, Takeshi, Kevin, Alberto and Leonardo. Seiza : Miguel, Vanessa, Juan, Andre and Omar.

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Felipe - São Paulo Niten USA
Weston is a very beautiful silent city, i hope all who have attended the classes found a piece of inlightment
Ganbarimashou (Continues)

Alessandro Rabello Barbosa - Porto AlegreGambare kudassai Takeshi! (Continues)

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