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USA Dojo:

We are planning a Dojo in the USA for the second semester 2017

Age and gender

Adults and children of all ages, from 12 years on, men and women can practice. There are no specific prerequisites nor the need to previously have physical training or experience in martial arts. The training brings technical, physical and interior progress to all ages and stages of life.

The Arts


The art of the samurai sword is still alive and can be practiced today, with the maximum approximation to the experiences for which samurai have lived for centuries. There are hundreds of postures and fighting techniques that are practiced during training with the use of appropriate equipment for protection and safety.

Inside Kenjutsu is trained the Niten Ichi Ryu style, created by the samurai Miyamoto Musashi Sensei, whose name means "Style of Two Skies as One", alluding to the famous techniques of two swords, able to defeat the excellent opponents with whom Musashi-sensei Crossed swords.

Main Dojo
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Cultural Institute Niten