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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Samurai Day 2018 2 - Kussarigama

    Sensei Demonstrates Kussarigama Techniques
    Style Shinkage Ryu Kussarigama jutsu


    Samurai Day 2018 1

    The April 24th is the day to celebrate among Warriors!

    After the Iaijutsu training, we´ve met at the Hokkaido dojo to celebrate our day and Sensei Jorge Kishikawa´s!

    “Samurai day” was instituted in 2007 in São Paulo city and later in Piracicaba, Ribeirão Preto, Campinas. Moreover, the states of Paraná, Amazonas and Santa Catarina honored Sensei Jorge Kishikawa for spreading the warrior tradition from the Samurai sword, the KOBUDO and the Samurai´s philosophy, the BUSHIDO, all over Brazil.

    Two legacies that were the key foundations for Japan´s development and to make it one of the most important and respected nations in the world.
    O dia escolhido para essa homenagem é 24 de Abril, data de nascimento do Sensei.

    Arigatou Gozaimashita for the presence of all.
    May we continue along this path of Honor, courage, and joy!

    Gambate Kudasai Samurais from Niten!


    16th TBIK (Brazilian Individual Kobudo Tournment) - Results

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    RESULTS OF 16th TBIK (Brazilian Individual Kobudo Tournment)

    YOYONEN - up to 7 years BEGINNERS
    1st Luiza - Vila Mariana
    1st Bertollo - Ana Rosa
    1st Leonardo - Ana Rosa
    1st Gabriel - Ana Rosa

    YOYONEN - up to 11 years
    1st Chen - Ana Rosa
    2nd Rebecka - Ana Rosa
    3rd Pietro - Vila Mariana
    3rd Menino - Santo André

    1st Yoshimitsu - Vila Mariana
    2nd Mikki - Vila Mariana
    3rd Eric - Sorocaba
    3rd Ichiro - Ana Rosa

    1st Guilherme - Campinas / Rovere - Ponta Grossa
    2nd Amargos - Sumaré / Webber - Brooklin
    3rd Ivan - Juiz de Fora / Drawin - Belo Horizonte
    3rd Gilberto - Ana Rosa / Kimura - Ana Rosa

    1st Hideo - Rio de Janeiro / Danilo - Campinas
    2nd Amargos - Sumaré / Webber - Brooklin
    3rd Guilherme - Campinas / Holschuh - Campinas
    3rd Marques - Sumaré / Massao - Sumaré

    1st Gilberto - Ana Rosa
    2nd Holschuh - Campinas
    3rd Kimura - Ana Rosa
    3rd Danilo - Campinas

    JOJUTSU 0 Kyu
    1st Menino - Santo André
    2nd Coelho - Belo Horizonte
    3rd Emílio - Sorocaba
    3rd Rafael - Ana Rosa

    JOJUTSU 7th Kyu
    1st Albuquerque - Jundiaí / Freitas - Tucuruví
    2nd Takeo - Santo André
    3rd Suzuki - Ribeirão Preto / Brígido - Rio de Janeiro
    3rd Dalla Pria -Tatuapé / Couto -Tatuapé

    JOJUTSU 6th Kyu
    1st Albuquerque - Jundiaí / Freitas - Tucuruví
    2nd Suma - Sumaré / Arcieri - Santo André
    3rd Batalha - Campinas / Pinheiro - Rio de Janeiro
    3rd Fiusa - Sumaré / Bergamini - Vila Mariana

    JOJUTSU 5th+ Kyu
    1st Danilo - Campinas / Holschuh - Campinas
    2nd Albuquerque - Jundiaí / Freitas - Tucuruví
    3rd Toshi - Sumaré / Paiva - Tucuruví
    3rd Rovere - Ponta Grossa / Tech - Ribeirão Preto

    IAIJUTSU 0 - 7th Kyu
    1st Kazuo - Vila Mariana
    2nd Neubauer - Itaim
    3rd Emílio - Sorocaba
    3rd Theo - Santos

    IAIJUTSU 6th Kyu
    1st Dallacqua - Santo André
    2nd Cavalheiro - Porto Alegre
    3rd Assano - Vila Leopoldina
    3rd Kazuo - Vila Mariana

    IAIJUTSU 5th Kyu
    1st VIdal - Curitiba
    2nd Yuki - Vila Mariana
    3rd Scarlett - Ana Rosa
    3rd Petersen - Porto Alegre

    IAIJUTSU 4th+ Kyu
    1st Drawin - Belo Horizonte
    2nd Gabriella - Belo Horizonte
    3rd Kimura - Ana Rosa
    3rd Sayuri - Ana Rosa
    1st Malerba - Santo André
    2nd Oliveira - Jundiaí
    3rd Toshio - Ana Rosa
    3rd Kikue - Ana Rosa

    KENJUTSU 0 - 7th Kyu WOMEN´S
    1st Marília - Vila Mariana
    2nd Moliterno - Sumaré
    3rd Scarlett - Ana Rosa
    3rd Sayuri - Ana Rosa

    1st Toshi - Sumaré
    2nd Mikki - Vila Mariana
    3rd Luciana - Vila Mariana
    3rd Kurosawa - Santana

    1st Ana Lúcia - Vila Leopoldina
    2nd Kate - Sorocaba
    3rd Silvia - Sumaré
    3rd Larissa - Campinas

    1st Hori - Vila Mariana
    2nd Lúcio - Ana Rosa
    3rd Kimura - Ana Rosa
    3rd Akazawa - Taubaté

    1st Shiroma - Tucuruví
    2nd Ferrão - Ana Rosa
    3rd Castellani - Ana Rosa
    3rd Gallinaro - Ana Rosa

    KENJUTSU 7th Kyu MEN´S
    1st Liparizi - Belo Horizonte
    2nd Shiroma - Tucuruví
    3rd Kimura - Ana Rosa
    3rd Yoshida - Sorocaba

    KENJUTSU 6th Kyu MEN´S
    1st Assano - Vila Leopoldina
    2nd Ortega - Tucuruví
    3rd Kenji - Vila Mariana
    3rd Freitas - Tucuruví

    KENJUTSU 5th Kyu MEN´S
    1st Rafael - Chile
    2nd Frade - Rio de Janeiro
    3rd Verzini - Ana Rosa
    3rd Suguiyama - Vila Mariana

    KENJUTSU 4th Kyu MEN´S
    1st Emílio - Sorocaba
    2nd Lucio - Ana Rosa
    3rd Dalla Pria -Tatuapé
    3rd Vital - Ana Rosa

    KENJUTSU 3rd 2nd Kyu MEN´S
    1st Pedro - Ana Rosa
    2nd Paiva - Tucuruví
    3rd Dallacqua - Santo André
    3rd Demberg - Ana Rosa

    KENJUTSU 1st+ Kyu MEN´S
    1st Gilberto - Ana Rosa
    2nd Marques - Sumaré
    3rd Silva - Itaim
    3rd Holschuh - Campinas

    Freitas - Tucuruví


    Samurai Day


    Ohayou Niten,
    Ohayou to everyone,

    Today is the Samurai Day....Samurai!
    This word has a tremendous importance in my personal experience, in my life.
    Thanks to the teachings from these warriors that I have achieved so many things in my life, and get until here.
    Honor, Loyalty, Justice, Wisdom, Compassion and essentially the Courage to overcome this life which is not easy at all.

    I wrote in my book Shin Hagakure: "Life is not a bed of roses"; so we need a compass ... this compass is the samurai culture for me ... this compass is the sword, for the Niten students.
    I want to celebrate this day with you all. And those who aren´t yet a samurai warrior, I want to invite to try out how good it is to be a samurai warrior.
    I will transmit a phrase from a monk Nissen Shounin, that worth for those 25 years that I have spent at the Niten Institute: "It is okay to be hated if the sincere feeling of helping others remains until the end."
    (he repeats)
    "It is okay to be hated if the sincere feeling of helping others remains until the end."
    Thanks to this thought I could be able to be understood.
    Thanks to that we´ll move forward, bringing happiness and liberation for all of our students.


    62nd Paulista Award 2 - Nippak Newspaper

    Published in Nippak Newspaper on April 12nd, 2018

    For the seventh consecutive year, the City Council of Sao Paulo was the stage of the Paulista Sports Award, in its 62nd edition this year. The ceremony - one of the most popular in recent years - was held on the 4th of July in the main hall of the main Legislative House of the country. It was attended by Yasushi Noguchi, the Consul General of Japan in Sao Paulo; also the councilor Aurélio Nomura (PSDB); the president of the Kunito Miyasaka Foundation, Roberto Nishio; Yoshiharu Kikuchi, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 110 Years Celebration of Japanese Immigration to Brazil; and state representative Pedro Kaká, and the "always representative" Hatiro Shimomoto

    From Argentina
    Kobudo has given "international" status on the Paulista Sports Award with the honored Maria Flavia Saieva, one of the first students of kenjutsu, iaijutsu, and jojutsu of Argentina´s dojo of Niten Institute. An Argentine student with the highest grade of kenjutsu by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa - founder of Niten and idealizer of the Method (KIR) - Ken Intensive Recuperation - Marina was the first woman in Argentina to receive the Shoden graduation from Niten Ichi Ryu style. "I found in Kobudo a way to wake me up spiritually. Everything I learn I apply on a daily basis, how to be more resourceful and work as a team," says Marina.


    62nd Paulista Award 1 - Saieva, from Argentina

    Marina Saieva receives the 62nd Paulista Sports Award in the Kobudô category!

    "I am very grateful to receive the Paulista Award,
    especially to all the people who were my Senpais, who trained me, who had a lot of patience and who made it possible for this to happen.
    When I started, it seemed to me something impossible.
    I started looking at each Sempai as a Superman,
    Something impossible,
    And well, step by step you can get there.

    Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

    Saieva - Buenos Aires

    Sensei and Japan´s Consul General in Sao Paulo, Yasushi Noguchi

    Sensei with General Akira Obara and his wife.

    Sensei with Mr. Hatiro Shimomoto

    Mallet Golf Kudo couple

    Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, Marina Saieva, Founder of Nippak Newspaper - Dr. Raul Takaki and Sempai Wenzel

    Roger Niero (Coordinator of Santo André Dojo), Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, Marina Saieva, Wenzel Böhm (General Coordinator of the Niten Institute) and Eduardo Huarte (Coordinator of Buenos Aires)


    Niten Institute International
    +55 11 94294-8956
    [email protected]